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Embarkation - U.S.S. Clamour - AM 160


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Here begins the photolog of pictures taken aboard the USS Clamour. The pictures were taken by Robert "Salty" Nielsen, Seaman First Class (you can contact Bob at saltynielsen-at-gmail- dot - com), who served on the Clamour from the time of the ship's commissioning until September (maybe October) 1945. Some photos were taken by the ship's captain, Davis Newton Lott, USNR.

The pictures were taken with a Certo Dollina camera. The camera was given to Bob by a high school classmate, Norman Merchant, in September of 1942. It has an f-stop of 4.5, quite large for it's day. Bob loaned it to his fellow sailors and there are approximately 45 photos, showing the crewmen.
As I write the words for this weblog (March 2009), Bob is now 83 years of age. His memory is sharp, but not perfect. Some of the pictures contain information that is "shakey". Sometimes he didn't know all the names of the people seen in these photographs.
From Wikipedia's Clamour entry you can learn about the mechanical features of the ship.
USS Clamour
USS Clamour (AM-160) was an Admirable-class minesweeper built for the U.S. Navy during World War II. She was built to clear minefields in offshore waters, and served the Navy in the Pacific Ocean.

Haze Grey and Underway

U.S.S. Clamour   AM-160 Bremerton Washington
24 December 1942

She was launched 24 December 1942 by Willamette Iron and Steel Works, Portland, Oregon; commissioned 14 March 1944, Lieutenant Commander Davis Newton Lott, USNR, in command; and reported to the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

World War II Pacific Ocean operations
Clamour arrived at Pearl Harbor 22 May 1944, and made two voyages as convoy escort to Kwajalein and Eniwetok between that time and 11 September, when she cleared Pearl Harbor for continued escort duty based at Eniwetok. She guarded convoys to the Marianas, adding Ulithi to her ports of call in November, Tarawa, and Majuro in May 1945, and Iwo Jima in June. She sailed from Eniwetok for the last time 10 August, bound for overhaul at Bremerton, Washington.

Post-War Decommissioning
On 13 January 1946, she arrived at San Diego, California, where she was decommissioned 12 June 1946, and placed in reserve. On 7 February 1955 she was reclassified MSF-160. She was scrapped in 1959.

After WWII, Robert Nielsen plied his hand at a number of trades, eventually settling into surveying after trying drafting, hard rock mining (the iconographic hole in the side of the earth image), and raising a family. How he managed to hold onto these photographs is something of a mystery. Yet, here they are. Over time, I've posted a photo here or there and slowly, shipmates have contacted Robert. These "reunions" are often bittersweet as they contain fond memories of friendships and harrowing memories of wartime.

Bob and I have done our best to properly identify the names that go with the faces in these photographs. If you read this, and have photos from the Clamour, please leave a comment or email me. If you know of an error let me know that, too. I will endeavor to put more up about the history of this ship as it becomes available.

Here begins the War Diary for the U.S.S Clamour.
11 May 1944

All the names, ranks, home towns, are given from left to right and from front to back in these photos.
Below are:

L. - unidentified
Ray Bradshaw, Electrician's Mate
William "Bill" Winter, Electrician's Mate
Karl Heitmann,
Chief Motor Machinist

This photo is of (at the time) Lt. Commander Davis Newton Lott. He was promoted to the rank of Commander in September or October of 1944 and transfered to a staff post under Admiral Chester Nimitz. The new Captain's name is Lt. Cmndr. Malcolm D. Balbirnie, USN. (he was a Mustang). As I write this on March 12, 2009, Cap'n Lott is living in Marina del Rey, California.

Rufus David Temple

Lt. Cmdr. Davis Newton Lott, down with the mumps

Jonathan Carver Goss, Ensign and later Lt., J.G. (Lieutenant Junior Grade), Goss was from the West Coast.

John Carver Goss appears to be sleeping peacefully.

Henry (Hank) Wilder, Lt. Executive Officer
Shaker Heights, Ohio.
Last known to be living in Pasadena, CA

Robert "Bob" Wiggins - Mason City, Iowa

George Bryant - Midlothian, Texas, sonarman 3rd Class

Robert "Bob" Wiggins, signalman 1st Class

William "Bill" Peyton - Oakland, California, Bos'n Mate 1st Class

Augustus John "Zeke" Zidek -- N.J. or Pennsylvania, Bos'n Mate 2nd Class

Thompson -- St. Louis - first name un-remembered, Cox'n
(or Bos'n Mate 3rd Class)

George Bryant, Midlothian Texas, Sonarman. Nielsen calls him the best Helmsman on the Clamour.

William "Bill" Boyle - Texas

Big Willie Warrick - New Birmingham, Alabama, cox'n

Paul Rudolph Ryan - Biloxie, Mississippi, cox'n

Otto "To" (said: toe) Wallis - Biloxie, Mississippi

Bernard "Bernie Ray" Langston - Sunny Valley, Tennessee, Carpenter's Mate 1st Class


2 unidentified

Left - Unidentified

William "Bill" Boyle - holding Evans

Evans, storekeeper

Right - Unidentified

Maximilio Gonzalez, Radioman 1st Class

Edward "Ed" Ricker, Radioman 3rd Class

James "Jim" Cronin, Watertender 2nd Class (pre-war sailor)

Denman "Dennie" Keith Dayton, Sonarman 3rd Class

Chief Warrant Machinist Wing

Sheeler, Seaman

Jesse Acosta, Seaman

Villalpando Seaman

Jesse V. Alcala Seaman

Walter "Walt" Bogdanski, Motormachinist 2nd Class

Joesph "Joe" Cox, Motormachinist 2nd Class

Mark Best Motormachinist, 1st Class and later Chief Machinist

Sorrel or Sorrell

Robert "Bob" Nielsen, Seaman

George Culley, Quartermaster, 2nd Class (pre-war sailor)

Theodore "Ted" Klemick, Seaman and later Q.M., 1st Class

Robert "Bob" Wilson, Seaman, later Q.M. 2nd.


  1. I found Jesse Acosta (the Jesse next to Sheeler and Villaponado) and he wants to know how he can get in contact with the families of some of the other sailors. Any ideas?

  2. If you are trying to contact Robert Nielsen, please email me, emark-remove the letters and dashes-preston-at-yahoo-duh-com.


if you are trying to contact Robert Nielsen or other sailors from the Clamour, please email me, emarkpreston-at-yahoo-dot-com