Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sailing As Before - Captain Lott discusses a Jap mine

The Clamour passed a glass float (used for fish net) and picked it up. Nielsen & Capt. Lott talk about it a little.


  1. Hello,
    My father is Clarence A. Moore and he served on the Clamour. Do you remember him.? He is now 83 and living in northern Illinois. Please contact me.
    Eileen Moore Marhoefer

  2. My dad was Stephen M. Land from Albany, GA; he served on the Clamour and was a Signalman 1st class. The picture you have of him and Gordon Goff was an awesome sight to see, thank you. Daddy passed away June 29, 1976 and we had all of his pictures from the Navy, but somehow with my mom having Alzheimer's they have disappeared. Seeing that one picture brought a lot of joy (and tears), thank you for your blog and for sharing.

  3. Dear Lynette - I would very much like to email with you. I am the person who put this weblog online. I'm Mark Preston and can be emailed at emarkpreston -the "at" symbol yahoo doh com.


if you are trying to contact Robert Nielsen or other sailors from the Clamour, please email me, emarkpreston-at-yahoo-dot-com