Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sailing As Before

Until 10 June 2013, anyone could post to this 'blog without leaving an email address or any other way of contacting them. I must change this as the daughter of Stephen Land posted and left no way for me to thank her. I apologize if you want to say something about this site, but I must have a way to contact members of the Clamour Community.

Gordon Downer Goff, Sonarman, Sitka Alaska

Steve Land, Signalman (Georgia?)

William "Bill" Boyle, Texas
William "Willie" Warwick, New Birmingham, Alabama (sheriff in Tennessee - according to Robert C. Wilson)
Paul Rudolph Ryan, Biloxie, Mississippi -deceased according to Robert C. Wilson
Otto Wallis, Biloxi, Mississippi

Robert "Bob" Wiggins
Signalman, 2nd class

Photo taken in Honolulu, Hawaii

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