Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sailing As Before - The Last Chapter - Post WWII Photos

Through the enormous kindness of Barbara Clyde, whose father,

Clyde Jordan

served aboard the U.S.S. Clamour,
new pictures of the ship are available at the weblog.

According to Robert Nielsen, the Clamour steamed into dry-dock in Seattle sometime in September of 1945. While at port, a draft of 20 seaman came on board. In charge of that group was Eisner, Radioman 3rd. Eisner is a member of the Rensie Watch making family. Another name he remembers is Jimmy (James) Joyce from Boston, Massachusetts. He had an older brother in the Navy, who was an air craft carrier sailor. Jimmy had been in the U.S. Merchant fleet and sailed on the SS Irragaway.

Also remembered: Donald E. Barnes, Sonar Tech 3rd, from Bakersfield, California. He had been in OCS at Pocatello Idaho and was tranfered into the seagoing Navy sometime in 1944. 

Another is Ernest Nunoz. quartermaster 1st., Striker and was in his mid-30s while serving on the Clamour. He hailed from San Pedro, California. He has a son named Chicki or Chikey (or another variant spelling).

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