Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sailing As Before

Mitchell "Mitch" Harmer

Clare Hammond

not identified

William "Bill" Prud'homme

Lee Ruetz
Walter Jensen

Thomas "Tom" Adams Smith, Lt. J.G.

Henry "Hank" Wilder

Rufus David Temple

Jim (last name unknown)

Eugene "Gene" Sooter

Henry Wilder, Lt.

Jonathon Carver Goss, Lt. J.G.

Rodney "Rod" Hayman, Chief Electrician

Russel or Russell "Russ" Holland, Radioman

Robert "Bob" Dallaire, Paso Robles California, Signalman

Robert Columbus Wilson, Jr. - Beaumont, TX, Quartermaster (2nd class?)

I spoke with Rod Hayman on July 14, 2009. He sounded good and we chatted for a few minutes. He says he like to reminisce about those times and I'm grateful for that. After his service aboard the Clamour, he took "gyro school" in Seattle, Washington and served on a sub-tender, the Nerius (AS-17) after that. As a kid, Rod's parents owned a movie theater and Rod was a cineaste from an early age. He said one of his fondest memories of service was showing the movie, the Song of Bernadette in December of 1944. The Clamour was in port at Eniwetok and as this movie was most popular with members of a certain religion, other ships would pull alongside the Clamour to allow their sailors to enjoy the film. Rod had two movie projectors on the fantail and was able to show the film without interruption. That must have been a great treat for the sailors. Lastly I found a brief post about the U.S.S. Nerius. Pictures below is the U.S.S. Nerius, courtesy of Jim Santos.

U.S.S. Nerious in the foreground.

Rod Hayman.
A Brief Biography.

Rod spent his childhood in Grand Island, Nebraska. His father owned a movie theater. In February of 1943, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and went to boot camp in Idaho at the Farragut Naval Training Station. After his service aboard the Clamour, Rod went to "Gyro School" in Lake Union, near Seattle. He then served aboard the U.S.S. Nereus (AS-17, a sub-tender), which berthed out of Vallejo California. At last he was discharged in June of 1946, married Vivianne and settled down to raise a family.


  1. Rod Hayman, Saw all pictures posted would like to get in contact with Robert Nielsen about the pictures.

  2. Was looking for info on USS Nerius and found this blog. My dad, Robert Barnett, was at Faragut sometime in mid '40's I think. And my husband was stationed on the Nerius in 1969 and 1970. He was on it when it was decomissioned in 1970. Would like to talk with anyone that knew them then.


if you are trying to contact Robert Nielsen or other sailors from the Clamour, please email me, emarkpreston-at-yahoo-dot-com